Click-Away Pound


The Click-Away Pound survey is managed by Freeney Williams Limited, one of Europe's leading disability and diversity consultancies. We work extensively in all sectors to achieve long-lasting and self-sustaining change designed to meet the needs of employers and service providers in the real world.

Over many years we’ve developed a broad range of services to enable our clients to develop and maintain accessible and usable websites, intranets and apps. The unique combination of our technical understanding and expertise in ensuring an inclusive digital presence, combined with our wider expertise in the field of disability, enables us to provide unrivalled and comprehensive support to our clients. Our services include:

Supporting an accessible digital presence

  • Advising on accessibility and usability during product design and development: providing real-time advice by e-mail and phone through all phases of development
  • Expert review: specialist feedback on product accessibility barriers and recommendations on how to address them
  • Accessibility testing: rigorous site assessment against WCAG V2 to provide full report and recommendations
  • Usability testing by disabled people: disabled users with a range of access needs and technologies providing feedback on the real-world experience of a disabled user

Business services

  • Research: providing data on the business issues around accessibility
  • Procurement: advising on sub-contracting development work to ensure a best practice approach is delivered by third parties
  • Management protocols: developing in-house guidance and procedures to ensure accessibility is ‘best practice, first time’
  • Mystery shopping: testing the customer experience to see how an organisation’s systems and products work
  • Complaint resolution: support to assess and resolve complaints from disabled site users
  • Specialist PR support: acting as advisers and representatives in disability-related PR issues
  • Disability policy development: ensuring management approach and framework delivers a best practice digital presence

If you want to know more about the services we offer, or about the survey and the issues it is designed to address, please get in touch.

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  or phone: 01273 327715